Michigan Ghost Stories

Michigan's Best Ghost Stories

Every fall you can count on the air turning colder, the trees turning brighter and stories and fall events turning haunted! It all just adds to the season we know as Autumn. Grab a jacket and settle in to hear some fascinating tales of how the event grew from a tale to a legend. Narrow down the selection by Michigan Region, Michigan County or even Michigan City. Enjoy Fall Life, Michigan Life!!

Michigan's Best Ghost Stories

Real Haunts in Michigan

Real Haunts outlines ghost stories listed by state. Check out the paranormal activities by area of Michigan.

Haunted Weekend on Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island is steeped with stories and folklore of Native American spirits and ghostly images of soldiers and other long-lost souls roaming the grounds. This weekend, Haunted Travels of Michigan will be exploring some of the most haunted locations on Mackinac Island and we're taking you with us.

Haunted Travels of Michigan

Read all about Michigan's most haunted areas with the book Haunted Travels of Michigan available online at Amazon.com.

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