Clay Avenue Cellars

Clay Avenue Cellars

We always have FREE wine tastings for a few samples.

All 30+ wine varieties are open on the 2nd Saturday of the month for guests to try — FREE — (limited to 10 samples by law)

Outside of 2nd Saturdays, private tastings can be scheduled for groups of 10 or more...

Our wines are reasonably priced, and are based on the cost of fruit. Prices range from $5.95 per bottle (Apple & Apricot) to $21.95 per bottle (Black--OMG--Raspberry).
◦Black & Blue (blackberries & blueberries brewed together)
◦Black & Red (blackberries & red raspberries brewed together)
◦Black Bart (blackberries & Bartlet pear brewed together)
◦Blue Grape (blueberries & grapes brewed together)
◦Blue Haven (blueberries & peaches brewed together)
◦Blushing Pear (cranberries & pears brewed together)
◦Dessert Blueberry
◦Dessert Pear
◦Strawberry (dry)
◦Elderberry (semi-dry)
◦Fantasy Red (grape & cranberries brewed together)
◦Golden Strawberry (white grape & strawberries brewed together)
◦Grape (concord)
◦Passionate Cherry (cherries and cranberries brewed together)
◦Pumpkin (spiced)
◦Queen Ann’s Lace (white cherry)
◦Sassy Apple (cranberries & apples brewed together)
◦Sweet Cherry
◦Tart Cherry
◦White Grape

Clay Avenue Cellars
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Muskegon, MI 49440
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