Wellington Farm Park

Your visit back to the year of 1932 will begin at our well stocked Visitor Center. Amish farm baked pies, jams and jellies, hand made wooden toys, books and gift items are tastefully displayed for your browsing. As you leave through the back door of the store a shuttle will be waiting to transport you back to the historic comples. Along the way you will experience some of the history of the community of Wellington and view some of the farming operations that are currently going on.

Your first stop will be at the Stittsville Church, where you will be greeted by a trained docent who will be your guide for the next hour or so. They will take you inside the church and explain some of the history of the church and talk about some of the artifacts on display there. From the church, you will make your way to the Summer Kitchen. On the way, you may be provided the opportunity to view our big Advance steam engine up close. You may even be able to have your picture taken while you are at the controls.

In the Summer Kitchen, your guide will explain to you what life was like for the women of the farm during the Great Depression and show you many artifacts that are often still put to use during demonstrations and special events.

Wellington Farm Park
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