Cadillac Winery

Cadillac Winery is a new inland country winery perfectly situated amongst pine trees and rolling farms just east of the Tustin exit off US 131. From the moment you enter, the old world style tasting room and traditional wine production facility convey a lovely charm while you enjoy the Green Apple, Wild Berry or Blueberry Infused Pinot Noir.

Stop in and try our three semi-dry table reds, cast your vote and help us choose our, “Rose Lake Red,” blend to be named after the big lake right down the road. “Come grow with us,” says winemaker and new vineyard (2011) proprietor Kevin Leahy. With our first harvest coming this fall from old world Vinefera varieties sharing a heavy Austrian influence (Riesling, Dornfelder, Gruner-Veltliner) and some new world cold hardy Hybrids (Marquette, Corot Noir, Frontenac) just to name a few, “we should craft some exceptional blends and memorable varietals, from that palate of grapes” said Kevin.

Cadillac Winery
17480 18 Mile Road
LeRoy, MI 49655
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