Brandywine Cemetery

Brandywine Cemetery is an outdoor haunted attraction located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  It represents many years of work to promote Hallowe'en and contribute to the community.

It is themed as a haunted graveyard and is filled with my gargoyles, props, and animatronics.  Because I am a traditional Halloween enthusiast, there is no "blood and gore" to be found here.  No murder scenes; freshly killed-scantily-clad co-eds; no strewn body parts; no insane butchers, sadistic doctors, demented dentists, evil clowns, inbred hillbillies, nor serial killers, drunken pirates, and absolutely, positively NO CHAINSAWS!   Emphasis is put on creepiness, through  storytelling, sound, lighting, and attention to detail.

Brandywine Cemetery
2727 Brandywine Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48104