Beckey's Kountry Kitchen

You might like to know that Beckeys jam and jellies are still made in the same manner as they would have been made 100 years ago. You will be pleased to see and taste all of the fruit through out each jar of jam and the pureness of ingredients in each jar of jelly. We keep our recipes simple and uncomplicated, because of this you will notice the difference between our jams and jellies as to others preserves.
You should also know that we do not use corn syrup as a sweetener like many others do to try to cut their cost thinking it won't effect the quality of their preserves. We avoid artificial flavorings and colorings in our preserves as much as possible with very few exceptions. You can be assured Beckey's jams and jellies are made with pure cane sugar and real fruits.
With over 2 dozen different types of jam and jelly and growing, we feel you will be able to find your favorite flavor of jam or jelly, and if any thing make it more difficult for you to decide between the many flavor choices.
Let Beckeys be your "Jam and Jelly Site" Banana Bread, Peach Bread, Apple Bread, Blueberry Zucchini Bread

Beckey's Kountry Kitchen
631 W. Adrian St
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