The Haunt

Opening Date: Sept 29, 2023

Now with 50,000 square feet to terrify you the new Haunt is pleased to announce Ethan Turon formally of Hundred Acre Manor PA, has joined our amazing team as our GM and head of Design. Ethan has been involved with haunted houses for over 18 years and has been part of some of the best haunted attractions in the country, he is doing his best work to date to entertain you at our new haunt. The haunt has changed not only in ownership and design we have also changed our themes and scares. With over a 144 rooms, almost 100 actors and 62 animatronics, we guarantee you are going to love the new haunt.

It is sure to be a mid-Michigan fall to remember!

The Haunt
1256 28th Street SW
Wyoming, MI 49509
Phone Number: 
(616) 791-9818
Geared Towards: