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Paradise, Michigan was founded in 1925 and is situated on the western shores of Lake Superior’s Whitefish Bay just north of the Tahquamenon River mouth. After a major fire stormed the Whitefish Point area in 1922, blueberries moved in and became a staple for locals and visitors alike. Today, Paradise is the Wild Blueberry Capital of Michigan and the gateway to the Tahquamenon Falls State Parks. Paradise offers something for everyone in every season. It is a magnet for rock hounds, beach walkers, maritime enthusiasts, bikers, hikers, bird watchers, snowmobilers, four-wheelers, fishers, boaters, campers, canoeists, kayakers, photographers, nature lovers, young and old alike. In every season, wouldn’t you rather be in Paradise?

Spring in Paradise
"Spring brings the smelt runs on the streams, wild bird migration, and beachcombers searching the shore for agates and unique driftwood; mushrooms pop up and are sought by many."Reflections on Paradise, 1989

Whitefish Point is a mecca for birders -- Whitefish Point is on one of the busiest migratory flight paths in the world. The Whitefish Point Bird Observatory hosts workshops and the annual Spring Fling, attracting bird-watching pros and novices alike. The acclaimed Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum at Whitefish Point opens May 1. In May, visitors to the Point enjoy a quieter experience, strolling along the agate-strewn north shore of Lake Superior.

Summer in Paradise
"Summer brings the fisherman out in droves. People who like to see the wild animals -- deer, sometimes moose, sandhill cranes, black bear, coyotes, beaver, otter and mink -- in their natural homes, are attracted to the area."Reflections on Paradise, 1989

The Paradise area features miles of beaches, rivers, and trails. Before you get into town, pull over at the public access just north of the Tahquamenon River. This turnout is part of the Tahquamenon Falls State Park. Here, a sandy beach is steps from your car door and kiosks help guide your stay in the area. One of the most visited natural sites in Michigan is the Tahquamenon Falls. Both Upper and Lower Falls are dramatic examples of Michigan’s beauty and are visited by hundreds of thousands each year.

The Whitefish Point area is known for wild blueberries, and the entire town of Paradise pitches in to host the Wild Blueberry Festival in August. This family fun festival takes place at the Whitefish Township Community Center overlooking Whitefish Bay.

Hiking, biking, four-wheeling and kayaking are all favorite pastimes in the summer. Miles of off-road trails abound and hikers can explore the North Country Trail, which winds through the area.

Fall in Paradise
"Fall brings the 4-wheel drive and the color changes. The miles of giant pines mixed with maple, poplar, tamarack and birch create a splendor of enchanting color in October that people come miles to see. Hunters bag trophy white-tailed bucks, black bear, rabbits and partidges." Reflections on Paradise, 1989

Fall color is not the only reason to visit the area. Like spring, fall is a quieter time and visitors can truly enjoy the solitude of the area. Do not miss your chance to see fresh cranberries being sorted at the Centennial Cranberry Farm.

The fall migration brings birds and birders alike again to the Whitefish Point Bird Observatory .

Winter in Paradise
"Winter brings an all-together different view of the township with its white velvet robe that truly creates a winter wonderland. Snowmobilers come for the Mardi-Gras-de-Snow in January, and 'one hundred thirty' miles of groomed trails, said to be the finest in the state, plus hundreds of ungroomed trails for the adventurous. There have been snowmobilers having fun here from as far away as Maryland, Vermont, Kentucky, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin. This area is called the “Snowmobile Capital of the U.P.” Paradise Pathway Cross-Country Ski Trail , off M-123, makes two loops encompassing 6.3 miles of well-brushed and signed trail that is used both summer and winter, by skiers and hikers alike. Hundreds of miles of logging roads, which are not plowed in winter, are there for those who like to snowshoe."Reflections on Paradise, 1989

Get to places you can't in summer! Paradise is a top destination for snowmobilers, but it's also tops for quiet winter sports like cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Rent equipment from a local merchant and hit the trails!

Don't miss an opportunity to see Tahquamenon Falls in the winter -- its unique ice sculptures are fantastic and just a short walk from your car or snowmobile.

Regardless of the season, wouldn't you rather be in Paradise.

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