North Breakwater Pier Lighthouse

Open Seasonally
May - September
Closed Mondays

Just down the shore from Big Sable stands the Ludington North Breakwater Light, another charge of SPLKA’s and a partner with the City of Ludington. This 1924 light is also open for tours and tower climbs and boasts a vibrant green light from its tower. The Breakwater Light is at the end of a half mile walk down the pier, and is exquisite in its design. Volunteer Keepers are welcome at this light as well, and enjoy living accommodations just within Ludington State Park.

Directions From Ludington:
* Follow US 10 west through Ludington to the North Pier.
* Walk about 2/3 mile along the pier to the lighthouse
Vehicles can park at the Stearns Park parking lot located just north of US 10 off of Lakeshore Drive for no charge.

Shutterstock Royalty-free stock photo ID: 434623867
Photo Credit: Craig Sterken North Breakwater Pier Lighthouse located in Ludington Michigan.

North Breakwater Pier Lighthouse
North Lakeshore Drive
Ludington, MI 49431