Grand River HAUNTED Corn Maze

Haunted Corn Maze makes you ask: What’s truly around the next corner? Manic clowns, freaks armed with a chainsaw, paths that lead to nowhere, a serial killer, perhaps a tunnel is in your future. As the manic Clown s subside you run across other psycho paths that lead you to a padded cell only to be hoisted into the air. Perhaps just an illusion or are you going crazy. Rumor has it that the psychos in our field believe that PURGE NIGHT IS A THING ! Last but not least you’re face-to-face with The vengeful Keeper of The Corn Perhaps you will survive perhaps not your fate in our hands!​
​( please check to make sure this event is not canceled due to rain)

Grand River HAUNTED Corn Maze
5781 W. Grand Ave
Fowlerville, MI 48836