Big Sable Point Lighthouse

Open Seasonally

Nestled among jack pines, just a quick two mile walk along a breathtaking trail, stands Big Sable’s noble black and white tower. At over one hundred feet tall, this historic beacon is a huge attraction for its owner, Ludington State Park. The1867 lighthouse and grounds are operated by SPLKA, (Sable Points Lighthouse Keepers Association) a non-profit which proudly manages three historic lighthouses within a thirty mile stretch of Lake Michigan’s shoreline. Since 1987, their mission has been the restoration, preservation, education and accessibility of their lighthouse charges. SPLKA also operates a Volunteer Keepers program which allows its members the opportunity to live and work within the lighthouses completely free of charge during the seven month season, May-October. Visitors are welcome to explore the grounds, tour the original Keeper’s Quarters which have been converted into a Gift Shop, stroll along the sand dunes or climb the tower.

5611 N Lighthouse, Ludington, MI 49431 Directions From Ludington:
* Follow the signs on M116 to Ludington State Park.
* Park in the lot just inside the main gate.
* Walk or bike 1.8 miles on the lighthouse service trail, entered from the Pines Campground between sites 58 and 59.
* Follow the signs on M116 to Ludington State Park.
* Park in the Beach Cafe lot.
* Walk north on the beach.

Big Sable Point Lighthouse
5611 N Lighthouse
Ludington, MI 49431