Saper Galleries

Saper Galleries is a world-renowned award-winning bricks-and-mortar art gallery located in Saper Galleries buildingdowntown East Lansing, Michigan. For 35 years (27 in its landmark gallery building) Saper Galleries has been a leader in providing friendly, honest, reliable, respected, professional, and quality service to thousands of art collectors from throughout the world.

Saper Galleries owns and inventories more than 1,500 original works of art by 150 artists which can be viewed at and acquired from the museum-like gallery. We select what we see as the best artists in the world be they from Mid-Michigan or anywhere else in the world. Of the approximately 1,000 artists a year who present their art to us for our consideration we end up selecting less than half of one percent -- about 4 artists a year. To have art displayed at Saper Galleries the artists have to be outstanding. That does not mean expensive, not does it mean the artists are household names or even popular in the art world. It means we evaluate them independent of what others say about them without regard to prior reviews or exhibitions, their age, education, or any other consideration. The only aspect that truly matters for us is our own evaluation of their artwork. Saper Galleries proudly introduces to our gallery visitors many artists who you've likely not seen anywhere before. And if we like them, there is a good likelihood that you will enjoy them as well! If you are seeking a particular artwork and we do not have it in inventory, then we will get it for you.

Saper Galleries
433 Albert Avenue
East Lansing, MI 48823
Phone Number: 
(517) 351-0815