Unruly Brewing Co

Unruly Brewing Company is about community. It's about being creative, and living life in high contrast with a punk-like attitude. It's getting up in the morning and giving yourself a big high-five in the mirror. It's diving into the frigid cold waters of Lake Michigan with your board beneath your chest to grab that last killer wave of the season, or opening the door on a single-prop airplane 10,000ft in the air and jumping out with only a nylon sheet the size of your living room strapped to your back. It's starting that business when everyone told you not to. It's about being real, bold, and kicking ass in all that you do.

So how does our beer fit into all of this? The contents of a pint glass is a powerful thing. Craft beer creates conversation, sparks creativity, and inspires people to push beyond the boundaries of the everday blah, and do great things. That is what this brewery is all about.

So get out here! Drink a beer, Get Inspired, & Live Life & Be Unruly!

-See you in the tap room.

Unruly Brewing Co
360 W Western Ave
Muskegon, MI 49440
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Unruly Brewing Co
Unruly Brewing Co
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