Royal Farms

Once upon a time a handsome young man named Patrick McGuire proposed marriage to his high school sweetheart, Sara Veliquette. She accepted and the two would marry the following Christmas. During their engagement many decisions would be made including where they would live and how they would make their living. They decided they wanted to live in beautiful northern Michigan where they had both grown up and they would be farmers. Just months before they would be married, Sara finished her reign as the National Cherry Queen. It was at this same time that a name needed to be given to their farm business. Patrick once again made a proposal to his bride to be, "Let's name the farm after you; let's call it Royal Farms!" The two married and in the years ahead would give birth to a princess named Emma Lyn, and a son Ryan "the little king".

The 5 acre corn maze is open September through October and is open during our regular market hours, Please arrive at least ½ hour before closing.
The corn maze is a fun scavenger type system. We welcome groups of people to run through the maze and race each other to the finish line. Or just take a casual stroll through the maze and enjoy yourselves!

Royal Farms
10445 North US 31
Ellsworth, MI 49729